Favorite Writing

Kehlani Parris, young R&B musician constructs a poetic string of lyrics in her song Be Alright.

This song resonates strongly with me because there are so many times in my life when I feel like I can’t breath and I feel like I’m being swallowed whole.

She realistically paints a picture in your mind of how you might feel and how you will survive.

“When the tide is high, you just get low. Hold your breath and take it slow.”

I always imagine myself being overwhelmed with all my responsibilities when I listen to this lyric, but understand that everything will work out I just need to take things one step at a time.

Kehlani’s description of what it means to be a human and how we are all connected is sweet.

“Cause I’m just human, just like you are. We see the same ol’ sky, at night we see the same stars.”

She puts a lot of her lyrics in relatable and tangible situations that everyone can understand.

She genuinely knows what it’s like to be going through a struggle and how it will all work out in the end.

Favorite Writing

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