Thoughts on Journalism as a Career

Assistant professor at University of Oregon, Hector Tobar, expresses his positive stance on journalism as a career.

He believes, the best journalist have the capability to, “connect with readers, viewers and listeners by being open-minded and compassionate”.

Tobar does not sugar-coat the whole career as very rewarding experience he does explain the consequences of being a journalist could be sometimes your own life.

Tobar talks about numerous journalist that put themselves in harms way just for the story, and ultimately end up dying.

With that being said, Tobar says, “ignore the gloom that surrounds the profession and its future. People will always have an appetite for true stories well told”.

He wants young journalist to get out there are tell the stories that need to be told for the world to know.

He says, “[The people] will never stop wanting essential information, delivered quickly and accurately”, so basically there will always be a need for the news.


Thoughts on Journalism as a Career

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