Letter to the Editor

Why is violence the answer for our youth?

There is immense amount of pressure on the youth of America today.

We are living in a world where so much is happening at once that we may feel like we are getting lost or swallowed in it.

I don’t agree that the Oregon college gunman handled his situation in the correct way, but if he needed help there should be another way for him to get it.

Unfortunately, I was exposed to a similar situation to the shooting in Oregon when I was in high school. The student was upset because of a grade his teacher gave him.

Luckily, the incident at my school did not reach the magnitude as the Oregon college tragedy did because no one was harmed.

My question is how should these young people get help?

It’s upsetting to see so many young people struggling with their emotions or being unable to express themselves and get the help they need.

I’m not sure if there is a solution to this because you cannot help those whom do not want to be helped.  Just thought it was interesting to look at how some younger people are thinking the only way to get what they want is through violence.

Allison Tsukamoto

Letter to the Editor

Comparing Media

A shooting at a small town at an Oregon college left many Americans distraught.

October 1, 2015 a gunman was shooting people from the local Oregon community college.

Like most shootings that happen around the country when lives are lost it becomes the top news story of the day.

I first briefly heard about the story on NPR (National Public Radio).

The radio hosts were just talking about what happened in Oregon and how many people were injured or killed.

NPR quoted people and played interviews of the people of Roseburg, Oreg. similar to showing the story on television.

On the radio they spend a little more time on the smaller details to get the reader to create in their mind the setting of the scene.

Television and radio had interviews in their stories.

I would say that is because they people to know what happened from someone’s perspective who was there.

On television every news channel has the story circulating in some way or another.

On CNN (Cable News Network) specifically, they had an interview with a student that was on campus at the time of the shooting.

While that interview was going they had banners of the current news situation on the screen letting viewers know what was going on at that moment.

CNN also has b-roll of photos and video images playing while the interviewee was discussing what she had seen.

The reporter asked her to “explain to our viewers” what she saw. The news wants to help people to understand what happened to create an image in viewers minds of the situation.

Online news coverage of this story I saw in a few places.

I have an app called Yahoo Digest where it takes the top ten news stories for the day and puts them all in one place for you to find.

On the Yahoo Digest I read about the shooting.

They used quotes and photos as well of students during the horrific event.

Yahoo Digest also puts statistics on their posts as well.

One of the posts said that this was the 45th school shooting this year.

There was also a graph showing mass shootings in the country and how they are rising.

The app also has on the story a link to President Obama addressing the issue of how him talking about these shootings has become “routine.”

The story on the app is fairly short.

I checked later in the evening the San Francisco Chronicle to see their online coverage of the story.

It was not the largest story on the website it was on the right side of the paper.

There was a photo as well.

This online news source was more like print compared to the Yahoo Digest app.

It is interesting to see how each form of media gets the same message across but they do it with a few slight differences.

Comparing Media

Favorite Writing

Kehlani Parris, young R&B musician constructs a poetic string of lyrics in her song Be Alright.

This song resonates strongly with me because there are so many times in my life when I feel like I can’t breath and I feel like I’m being swallowed whole.

She realistically paints a picture in your mind of how you might feel and how you will survive.

“When the tide is high, you just get low. Hold your breath and take it slow.”

I always imagine myself being overwhelmed with all my responsibilities when I listen to this lyric, but understand that everything will work out I just need to take things one step at a time.

Kehlani’s description of what it means to be a human and how we are all connected is sweet.

“Cause I’m just human, just like you are. We see the same ol’ sky, at night we see the same stars.”

She puts a lot of her lyrics in relatable and tangible situations that everyone can understand.

She genuinely knows what it’s like to be going through a struggle and how it will all work out in the end.

Favorite Writing

Mystery Character

He walks everywhere in his large sunshine yellow shoes.

Being surrounded by families most of his days, means he would never be caught without his fire engine red shorts.

If you get the chance to shake his hand or paw it will be snuggly hidden away in a four-finger Snow White glove.

Whether he be dancing or saving your dreams from evil his black ears always manage to stay in perfect circular shapes.

His cheerful cheek to cheek smile leads into a boisterous laugh or giggle that can’t help but make you smile.

Be sure to stop by and visit this little fella in his Magic Kingdom, it truly is the happiest place on earth.

Mystery Character